Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day and Christmas Goodies!

Around 10.30 this morning the winter storm that has been making its way across most of the northeast arrived here in northern NJ. The weather channel says snow is falling at a rate of about 1 inch or more per hour. Total snow expected 7-12 inches. As an optimist i prefer to look on the bright side of things, that is instead of saying %*&#%* about having to shovel the snow i just say- It's great cardio! and if you use the squat and lift technique its just as good as an eliptical machine! The photo was taken around 4.15 pm from the front door.

Between snow shoveling this afternoon i made my chocolate dipped pretzels to give out to everyone. I hope we can all stay out of them so there is enough to give as christmas gifts :/ I bought 2 bags of UTZ pretzels and a bag each of white chocolate and milk chocolate chips. I made up my usual double boiler (glass bowl on top of a pan of water) I did all different combinations white with chocolate drizzle, chocolate with white drizzle, chocolate with hollyberry sprinkles etc. Although my white chocolate and crushed reeses cup idea didn't work out too well im very pleased with everything else. You are no doubt jealous right now? Don't be! Next time your picking up some groceries pick up a bag of pretzel rods, some chocolate chips, sprinkles and don't forget the waxed paper! Put on some christmas carols and enjoy the sweet, sweet smell of being able to create some delicious treats to share with your friends and family this holiday season.
Julia Catherine

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And the winner is...

Kari of Wide Eyed Musings! The winner of a pair of my famous apple green drop earrings. Thanks so much to everyone who joined my mailing list and this giveaway. My next giveaway will be announced the first week of January. If you joined my mailing list you will be receiving a short email the day when it is announced.
Julia Catherine

Monday, December 15, 2008

Drawing Today for My First Blog Giveaway

The winner for my first blog giveaway drawing will be drawn this evening at 8pm Eastern Time. The winner will receive a pair of my famous apple green earrings free. The winner will also receive free shipping on any other purchases they would like to make from my shop. If they spend over $25 that shipping will be upgraded to priority mail for no extra charge. Keep in mind that all items received from Julia Catherine Jewelry are boxed and wrapped with a gorgeous burgundy ribbon, ready for gift giving. Wrapping paper can be added as well at your request, for free. So its really effortless holiday shopping, the easiest this whole season!

So how do you qualify for this giveaway? Simply join my mailing list to the right of this post. By joining you will be entered to win tonights giveaway, notified of other giveaways as well as future amazing sales and upcoming events in my shop. So make sure you join and check back later on today to see if you won, also take a peek at my shop to peruse my amazing handcrafted jewelry, i have a ready to ship section and orders over $25 before shipping get a free upgrade to priority mail.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cha-Cha-Cha CHIA- Cat grass planter

As tacky as it might sound I have been thinking of buying a chia pet for some time now. So this year when i saw the advertisement for the new Chia Pet Cat Grass Planter i was very excited. See we have this cat who likes to go outside and walk on a leash and eat grass. Since winter is here that is just not an option for him. This planter costs $15 and i found it at my local rite aid while picking up some cold medicine. It comes with everything. The planter is made from ceramic and has tweety bird and sylvester the cat on it. (looks a bit like our guy mittens!) It comes with just the perfect amount of dirt and two packs of seeds. The grass itself is a mix of oat grass and wheatgrass. The only thing it does not come with is the plastic they ask you to over it with after you plant your seeds. So tonight in about 10 minutes i planted my cat grass and it says the seeds have an 80% germination rate in about 4 days. How exciting! I will let you know how it turns out!
Julia Catherine

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My mosaic candle holders are finally completed! I think they came out amazing. I made them by color. I did reds, oranges, yellows and a hint of purple and those are my 'sunset' colors. Then i did shades of blue and green. It only took me a couple hours each day for about 3 days to complete these projects. I bought the glass holders at walmart for barely $1 each and the glass is scrap glass from my moms stained glass. I think what took the most time was 'prepping', which was cutting the glass into small mosaic type pieces. The next step was gluing them onto the candle holders with an adhesive. The one i used was specifically for mosaics, you can use E6000 if you have that. I let them dry overnight after placing the mosaic pieces on the glass candle holders. Then it was time to grout.
I have tried grouting both ways. The first one i spread out the grout with and old butter knife and squished it into the crevices and scraped the excess away. On the packges it says to put on a glove and do it with my gloved hands. I must say the gloved hand was ALOT easier, and goes by much quicker. Then you wait about 20 mins and come back with an old green scrubbie pad and kind of buff off the excess. Wait overnight and go back with a moistened sponge and voila!
I think when the 3 are lit they look a bit like christmas lights but they will be given as separate gifts in a gift set to different people. Looks amazing!

Julia Catherine

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Monday, December 8, 2008

A gift for the musician in your life & what i did on my day off.

So today I created the perfect gift item for the musician in your life. It's a guitar pick necklace. The guitar pick is handsawn from thick 20 G sterling silver. Then it goes through a series of filing and polishing to round and smooth the edges and create a near mirror shine. This particular item can be engraved with 'let the music guide you' or can be made plain, with or without the 16 inch sterling silver cable chain. I chose for this one to hang from its side to be a bit different from your average guitar pick necklace.

Yesterday i decided to take a day off and work on some little gifts for friends and family. I bought these little glass votive holders in the crafts section of my local store for about $1 each then took some scraps from my mothers stained glass projects and sorted them by color. I decided to do blues, sunset colors and greens. I spent quite a bit of time selecting colors and cutting them into little rectangle and square shapes. Then using tweezers and some adhesive i carefully placed each shard into place. I let them dry overnight and i plan on grouting them with white grout later today. I will check back in with more photos as i complete them.
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Julia Catherine

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Etsy Shop Review: Spoiled Kitty Cat Toys & Accessories

Every year for Christmas I like to get a little something unique for my fur babies. You know- the four legged ones with pointed ears? I had been looking at SpoiledKitty and the crochet cat ball toys for a week or 2 and i just decided i HAD to have them or rather, THEY had to have them. It didn't really matter the color, i dont think they are picky. I decided on the peacock purple. I chose these toys because

#1 They are handmade by a cat lover who I know is looking out for my pets!
#2 They might cost a bit more but are well worth it because its not mass produced crap, that may kill my little loves.
#3 Im supporting the handmade movement
#4 They are made from 100% acrylic yarn which I knew my kitty kids would love because it gets stuck on their little claws.
#5 Packed in is 100% certified organic catnip!

I recieved my package in the mail today. My cats knew EXACTLY what was up the second I set the package on the table. They all showed up! I cut the envelope and took out the little organza type drawstring pouch with the catnip and toys inside and started distributing them. My cats did exactly what I had thought they would. First they investigated, then they played! Miss Anne did that little put the toy into the mouth and kick it deal. Big Lou is more of a toy flicker. And Callie is a trouble maker because while i was taking this photos she was right behind me spilling the catnip is the baggie all over the floor. Typical! I highly reccomend you visit Sonya over at SpoiledKitty and get some of these for your fur babies this holiday.

Oh Yes The Holidays Have Begun...

Yesterday afternoon into the evening I printed shipping labels, set up and packed the second half of my orders from last weekend. I was so happy my sale was such a success. Thank you everyone! So That was my task yesterday afternoon and evening.

Next for me it was making thank you notes for my orders. A long time ago I decided to start making my own instead of buying them. It's alot less expensive especially when you have a high order volume. I like to buy something called "luxury stack" which is a smaller size stack of pearlized gorgeous papers from my local craft store, ACMoore. These measure 6 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 if i remember correct. I use my cutter and scorer that I have purchased a long time ago for my personal use for making cards for friends and family as well as scrapbooking! I cut them in half lengthwise around 3 1/4 inches then score them across the middle at about 2 1/4 inches. I then take my nifty stamp, ink it up and stamp the entire stack with the word 'thank you'. After they all dry i go back and fold them in half and put and elastic around them.

The entire stack of 'luxury papers' costs me about $10. This last time i managed to be at my local store on a day they were having a sale, so this last time they were $6. Just a little time and effort on my part and voila! I have about 300 thank you cards. Lasts me awhile!

Last night was a busy night for me! For dinner I hadn't put out anything for the meat eaters earlier that day so it was going to be a meatless dinner (yay) I wanted a baked potato but that wouldn't have been enough of a full meal for the meateaters. I thought if i made it a soup that would count!
Baked Potato Soup!
5 large russet potatoes
1 rib celery diced
1 medium sweet onion diced
2 cloves garlic, smashed and diced
1 tsp kosher salt
3 dashes ceyenne pepper
half a brick of cheddar shredded
Boulion cube for 1 cup- chicken i guess for meat eaters? I use Vegetaable
a small bag of broccoli-cook in the micro till done
3 cups milk
3 Tbls flour
3-4Tbls oil (olive i love)
1 cup reserved potato cooking liquid
Cooked and crumbled fake or real bacon
I peeled, cut and cleaned all my potatoes and cut them into bite sized pieces, then put them in a pot barely covered with water. Boil till potatoes are tender to your liking. In another larger pot i heated my oil over MEd hi heat then put my diced onion, celery and garlic. Sautee for a couple minutes then add your kosher salt. If your using regular salt use less. When your onions are translucent add your flour and mix it all together, break up the lumps. You will start making a roux this way. Slowly add your milk. It will be really thick till you get nearly 2 cups in the pot, i would say. Adding it slowly will prevent lumps! Once you have it all incorporated and brought to a light bubble (keep stiring frequently!) then reduce your heat to med. Add your cheese. Stir it all in. Add your boullion cube to your 1 cup of potato cooking liquid from your potatoes. mix it up. add it to the pot! add in everything else including your cooked broccoli (cut in bite sized pieces) Mix it all up. bring back to med hi heat till its bubbly and then when all your cheese is melted your done! If you like a vitamin B boost add about 3/4 -1 cup of nutritional yeast flakes!
Hope you all enjoy my recipe, im not exactly a recipe writer but im good at coming up with them! Dont forget to sign up for my mailing list to the right>> to receive notifications of great sales and be entered for my giveaway!
Julia Catherine

Friday, December 5, 2008

Announcing My First Blog Giveaway!

If you have already subscribed to my mailing list there is no doubt your enjoying the little coupons and tidbits about upcoming sales and new products. But if you haven't subscribed! Your really missing out. Especially now. This month I will be taking all the people who sign up and have signed up for my mailing list and picking one lucky one to win! Enter NOW to the right of this blog post. My mailing list is a double opt in- so you will have to click a link to the email that is sent to you. Once you do that, your smooth sailing! You will also be notified of any future sales and giveaways.

This months giveaway item will be a pair of my most popular Apple Green Drop Earrings. They are a $16 Value. This is absolutely free including free shipping and free shipping on any additional purchases you wish to make from my shop. Just join my mailing list to the right! Winner will be drawn this December 15th!
Julia Catherine

Cheshire Cat

I just had a couple photos i took last night of my amazing cat- Big Lou. In the first photo you can see he has a little smile on his face. Hes quite the Cheshire Cat! Enjoy!

Julia Catherine

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Applied and Accepted- To Trunkt!

Im very excited to report that after thinking about it for awhile I finally applied to Trunkt- The Wholesale Directory of Exceptional Art and Design And was ACCEPTED! Although I have thought of applying in the past, this was my first application and I was accepted. A little more about trunkt. View my portfolio here.
Below are the 3 photos I used on my application, which become your first 3 portfolio photos if you get accepted.

Julia Catherine

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Romantic Things...& A Big Thanks!

How romantic are these 2 new items I just listed in my shop today? The first is this 'love note necklace' It is handcrafted from sterling silver and has the word "LOVE" engraved on the front. Its a sweet necklace on its own. My thought/design process before I created it was thinking it would be even more amazing if the back was actually personalized with a love letter or better yet, something like "Will you marry me?" and a date on the back. She could wear her marriage proposal on her neck and remember that moment every time she looks at it. Or maybe something not-so-serious like "Thinking of you always"

The second item is these earrings I call "snow white earrings" they remind me the first real snow of the winter. A certain serene, calm, quietness. They are made from sterling silver handmade findings, 10mm rock crystal beads and white freshwater pearls. They are perfect to wear with nearly everything as they are clear and white.

On a side note! I would like to thank everyone who stopped by Nov 28th-Dec1st for my Black Friday 4 Day Sale. It was an amazing success! To be notified of future sales beforehand sign up for my mailing listing to the right here on my blog! In the future I plan on scheduling giveaways each month for my mailing list members, so get on the list!
Julia Catherine

Saturday, November 29, 2008 Video Business Card

Take a peek at my new video business card! Sale is still on at my etsy store. 25% off. Don't forget thats only on selected items, my best selling items actually. You can use the coupon in this video for another time or any other items that are not currently on sale. Don't forget to join my mailing list (can be found to the right on this page) to be notified of these sales before they go live!

Julia Catherine

Friday, November 21, 2008

Black Friday 4 Day Sale!

The holiday season is upon us! Thanksgiving is only 6 days away and many of us are thinking of the gift giving season. Next week on Black Friday thru Cyber Monday my shop will be having a sale on my most popular/best selling items at 25% off. All items will be marked down to reflect their sale prices, descriptions and titles will show items that are on sale and their original sale prices. All sale items will be placed in my special "Black Friday 4 Day Sale" Section of my shop. These sale prices will be available for 4 days only, from November 28th - December 1st. Items will not likely be offered at these prices again. So be sure and get your shopping done!

And as always additional items are only an extra .50 cents shipping within the US. Also remember every item purchased is always shipped in its own individual Julia Catherine Jewelry Signature box with a burgundy ribbon, ready to be given as a gift.
Hope to see you soon ;)
Julia Catherine

Friday, September 12, 2008

There Baaack! Acorn Earrings 08 Edition!

Just as promised the fall Acorn Earrings are back! This years edition is a bit larger and different from last years. They feature a 12mm faceted smoky glass bead that is capped with an antiqued brass acorn top cap. For a finishing touch i added a vintage swarovski bead in a golden citrine color. The earwires and headpins are sterling silver and are of course handmade by me. The headpins and earwires have also been oxidized to bring together the two metals. These earrings are $18 and are only available at for a limited time! Perfect with my favorite fall basic- brown! Brown is my new black.
Julia Catherine

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Items!

September 10th. Summer is nearly gone and fall is quickly approaching! Before I know it, its going to be time to go apple picking and make a huge vat of applesauce and 2,000 apple pies!

I have created a special necklace especially for fall this year. The fall leaf necklace. I have taken a vintage brass leaf stamping and refurbished it just like new. Brass is an amazing metal composed mainly of copper so now it shows that warm brass color. The chain is sterling silver and is connected using sterling silver rings which are soldered closed for security. The chain has been oxidized and sanded in spots to create contrast.

The second new creation for fall is the filigree bowl ring. This piece is also created from brass and sterling. I have taken a piece of vintage filigree, carefully formed it into a bowl shape. I forged a sterling silver ring for the band. I used the same band as my thicker stackable band rings. Then carefully joined the two pieces to create this statement piece. Both have been polished to a bright shine! Also available in oxidized finish as well. Each of these rings is handmade each time it is ordered. So that means, whatever size you need is possible!

For those who loved them last year or missed them last year. The fall acorn earrings will be making a comeback very soon. I am also working on a new incarnation of holiday earrings for the upcoming season.

More new items to take a look at. Large Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings- Available in any size, just contact me. 7mm Hammered Sterling Silver Band- Made to order in any size. The Apple Green Drop Earrings-Have also become a staple in my shop, now with sterling silver and available all year round!

Thanks so much for coming back and reading, hope to see you soon!
Julia Catherine


So it's been awhile! I had been blogging fairly regularly then in may i had broke my foot and things like blogging fell by the wayside. During that time i was still filling orders a couple days a week. Instead of my normal 2-3 day turn around, i was at about a week. Thank you so much for the support of my family, friends and customers during this time! So now im back and better than i ever was! I have been creating lots of new things and looking forward to the holiday season.
xoxo Julia Catherine

Friday, April 25, 2008

New Spring Items

Im really pleased to bring new spring items to my customers at These are a few of my most favorites.

The Tiny Iolite Earrings. These earrings are very small 4 x2mm faceted Ioilite beads on my handmade sterling silver headpins, then i have wrapped a ring and nicely coiled the wire. Then hung upon my handmade sterling silver earwires. The entire earring has then been oxidized to a gorgeous patina for an aged look.

The Flower Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver with 14kt Rose Gold Centers. I made a pair of these for myself. The size is so nice, about 3/8 of an inch, it takes up a nice portion of your ear lobe. Nice and light, not heavy at all. Made from sterling silver with 14kt rose or pink gold centers for a lovely added touch. Perfect for summer and super classy.

The Flower Stackable Ring is pure perfection. These rings are sold individually but custom orders for multiples are possible, just ask. 2 are pictured to the left along with a set of my stackable 4 ring sets. They look amazing, simply lovely!

So stop on by and take a look at ALL my new spring items, these are just a few of my new offerings for spring.
xoxo Julia Catherine

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nearly a year and counting.

I have been making jewelry a long time and selling these creations. Last year around this time (may 2nd) i had just discovered a site called The day i found out about the website i joined up. So now nearly a year later i have accumulated 1091 hearts (users who favorite me) and 324 sales as of today. I just wanted to thank all my customers and everyone in the etsy community for being so supportive and loving my jewelry. I have learned a ton in this time. I have improved my design and design execution skills as well as things like the photography of my jewelry. I never could have imagine the doors selling on etsy would open to myself and my jewelry. Thanks for all your support members of the etsy community!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Featured Artist on HollyWest's Blog

A week or two ago I was reading on the etsy forums and saw a call for interviews by fellow metalsmith Holly West. I responded and was selected to be a featured metalsmith on her blog. Take a look at it here, very exciting! Thank you very much Holly!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Sale!

JuliaCatherine is running a SPRING SALE! All earrings and rings in my shop are $2 off. This includes my new 14kt yellow, white or rose gold stackable rings, Sterling silver stackable rings all NEW and old earrings and other rings. All Necklaces in my shop are $4 off.

How to get your discount-
Add your items to your cart and go through checkout and type "SPRING" in your notes to seller then continue till you get to the "pay now with paypal" page and then simply wait for an adjusted invoice from me before you pay with paypal. Just go to to start your shopping!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring Fever!

I think i have spring fever! For the past couple weeks it's been snowing and ive been creating. Nothing better than spring to inspire new creations.

The apple green drops are back by popular demand! Now with all sterling silver components, including ear wires and the wire wrapping wires. I have also brought back the 'paisley pink' Earrings with a few alterations like handmade copper headpins and ear wires. The change is a gorgeous addition to the earring. I think you will love it! Take a peek at and see what new spring items i have to offer. Here is a few!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Super Bowl Sale!

A super bowl sale- This one's for the ladies! Now till 2/4/08 buy any regularly priced item in my shop and pick any item from my 'clearance' section for free! The free item must be of equally or lesser value of course. Just add both items to your cart and complete your checkout information. Submit your order then wait for a revised invoice from me before paying with paypal. Then get your lovely items in the mail. So that means if you buy this lovely necklace and you get these lovely earrings for free!

Hope to see you soon!
xoxo Julia Catherine

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Countdown to SNS- Sale Announced!

In a little less than 10 1/2 hours my first monthly SNS of the year will kick off! So whats it mean? Tonight is the only time this month my shop will be participating in an SNS. The sale includes:
$4 Off All Necklaces
$2 Off Any Pair of Earrings or Ring
These price discounts CAN be applied to sale items as well.

There will also be a secret item in my shop, That means if you find the secret item- you get it for free and just pay the postage to send the item. So 5pm EST tonight! Don't forget to stop on by and get your favorite items at a discount!

So how do i get my discount? Your going to add your favorite items to your cart, then your going to go through checkout, Type 'SNS' in notes to seller, type your delivery address and select paypal as payment then dont pay yet, I will send you a revised invoice to reflect your savings. This will be delivered to your email inbox.
Thanks so much- See you tonight!

xoxo Julia Catherine

Friday, January 11, 2008

SNS Tomorrow!! Keep an eyeball out!!

With the new year came new jewelry at and also some new plans. This year Julia Catherine Jewelry will be participating in one SNS (saturday night special) Sale per month. That's one saturday a month you can count on saving money on your favorite pieces of jewelry, secret free item(s) in my shop or free shipping. SNS sales start a 5pm EST and end by 6am EST Sunday morning. So stop on by this weekend, do a little shopping, search for my free secret item and have fun!
xoxo Julia Catherine

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Valentine's Day Items

Well Valentine's Day is upon us! Just about 5 more weeks till it's that day for sweethearts. I have created a few new *special* things for Valentine's Day. First item is this sweet "kissing sweethearts necklace" i have made this one from nearly all vintage materials. The Brass chain, the brass charm and Flower are all vintage. Keep in mind there are only 6 of these necklace available. So this would be considered a Limited Edition. This would be a cute gift for your sweetheart or anyone who collects valentine's day things. Mention my blog in your notes to seller and get free shipping on this item- just make sure to wait for a revised paypal invoice!

The second new item is a sterling silver handforged heart pendant. This is a classic style, i have created and elaborated on this one many different ways. This particular one is a cross over heart made from 16 gauge wire. The wire has been formed, soldered and then hammered on both sides to create this awesome finish.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What's New Julia Catherine?

I haven't blogged in a bit, but don't think i haven't been busy. That's why i haven't been blogging because i have been so busy!

So new things are Where do i start? When i started on etsy i was hoping to build a customer base by creating inexpensive-well made- costume jewelry as well as offering my metalsmithed jewelry creations. Doing this i was hoping to build a customer base quickly and have a following of people while i slowly add more handforged artisan pieces to my shop. This- i feel has been successful. I have built a fan base and they just cannot get enough of my creations. With the new year dawning i was anxiously awaiting the arrival of many new supplies. These supplies ranging from Sterling Silver wire to strands of gemstone beads. For many weeks i had been sketching and having all these ideas rolling around in my head.

There are many new pieces in my etsy store as well as the old favorites. New styles and the older styles.

One new favorite is the pebble earrings. They are made from lengths of sterling silver wire, shaped into off shaped rounds/ovals and then soldered and hammered. For an extra touch i have added green aventurine and blue agate beads that almost look like a fringe. These earrings are pretty long, but would feel amazing cascading down your neck.

Another favorite is the pearl bowl ring. The pearl bowl ring is based on a ring i saw in an antique store. That ring was made of gold nugget and a pearl in the center. My take on the ring is a more modern version in sterling silver.

I love this scroll necklace. This is the second i have made and each one is different but the same basic design. That is why i love it. Each is unique just like the wearer.

Keep coming back to read more about my newest creations!
xoxo Julia Catherine