Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What's New Julia Catherine?

I haven't blogged in a bit, but don't think i haven't been busy. That's why i haven't been blogging because i have been so busy!

So new things are JuliaCatherine.etsy.com Where do i start? When i started on etsy i was hoping to build a customer base by creating inexpensive-well made- costume jewelry as well as offering my metalsmithed jewelry creations. Doing this i was hoping to build a customer base quickly and have a following of people while i slowly add more handforged artisan pieces to my shop. This- i feel has been successful. I have built a fan base and they just cannot get enough of my creations. With the new year dawning i was anxiously awaiting the arrival of many new supplies. These supplies ranging from Sterling Silver wire to strands of gemstone beads. For many weeks i had been sketching and having all these ideas rolling around in my head.

There are many new pieces in my etsy store as well as the old favorites. New styles and the older styles.

One new favorite is the pebble earrings. They are made from lengths of sterling silver wire, shaped into off shaped rounds/ovals and then soldered and hammered. For an extra touch i have added green aventurine and blue agate beads that almost look like a fringe. These earrings are pretty long, but would feel amazing cascading down your neck.

Another favorite is the pearl bowl ring. The pearl bowl ring is based on a ring i saw in an antique store. That ring was made of gold nugget and a pearl in the center. My take on the ring is a more modern version in sterling silver.

I love this scroll necklace. This is the second i have made and each one is different but the same basic design. That is why i love it. Each is unique just like the wearer.

Keep coming back to read more about my newest creations!
xoxo Julia Catherine

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