Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My mosaic candle holders are finally completed! I think they came out amazing. I made them by color. I did reds, oranges, yellows and a hint of purple and those are my 'sunset' colors. Then i did shades of blue and green. It only took me a couple hours each day for about 3 days to complete these projects. I bought the glass holders at walmart for barely $1 each and the glass is scrap glass from my moms stained glass. I think what took the most time was 'prepping', which was cutting the glass into small mosaic type pieces. The next step was gluing them onto the candle holders with an adhesive. The one i used was specifically for mosaics, you can use E6000 if you have that. I let them dry overnight after placing the mosaic pieces on the glass candle holders. Then it was time to grout.
I have tried grouting both ways. The first one i spread out the grout with and old butter knife and squished it into the crevices and scraped the excess away. On the packges it says to put on a glove and do it with my gloved hands. I must say the gloved hand was ALOT easier, and goes by much quicker. Then you wait about 20 mins and come back with an old green scrubbie pad and kind of buff off the excess. Wait overnight and go back with a moistened sponge and voila!
I think when the 3 are lit they look a bit like christmas lights but they will be given as separate gifts in a gift set to different people. Looks amazing!

Julia Catherine

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