Saturday, December 6, 2008

Etsy Shop Review: Spoiled Kitty Cat Toys & Accessories

Every year for Christmas I like to get a little something unique for my fur babies. You know- the four legged ones with pointed ears? I had been looking at SpoiledKitty and the crochet cat ball toys for a week or 2 and i just decided i HAD to have them or rather, THEY had to have them. It didn't really matter the color, i dont think they are picky. I decided on the peacock purple. I chose these toys because

#1 They are handmade by a cat lover who I know is looking out for my pets!
#2 They might cost a bit more but are well worth it because its not mass produced crap, that may kill my little loves.
#3 Im supporting the handmade movement
#4 They are made from 100% acrylic yarn which I knew my kitty kids would love because it gets stuck on their little claws.
#5 Packed in is 100% certified organic catnip!

I recieved my package in the mail today. My cats knew EXACTLY what was up the second I set the package on the table. They all showed up! I cut the envelope and took out the little organza type drawstring pouch with the catnip and toys inside and started distributing them. My cats did exactly what I had thought they would. First they investigated, then they played! Miss Anne did that little put the toy into the mouth and kick it deal. Big Lou is more of a toy flicker. And Callie is a trouble maker because while i was taking this photos she was right behind me spilling the catnip is the baggie all over the floor. Typical! I highly reccomend you visit Sonya over at SpoiledKitty and get some of these for your fur babies this holiday.

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  1. I'm looking for some toys for my cats too and you just reminded me of it. :) I'll check out those shops you recommended.