Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nearly a year and counting.

I have been making jewelry a long time and selling these creations. Last year around this time (may 2nd) i had just discovered a site called The day i found out about the website i joined up. So now nearly a year later i have accumulated 1091 hearts (users who favorite me) and 324 sales as of today. I just wanted to thank all my customers and everyone in the etsy community for being so supportive and loving my jewelry. I have learned a ton in this time. I have improved my design and design execution skills as well as things like the photography of my jewelry. I never could have imagine the doors selling on etsy would open to myself and my jewelry. Thanks for all your support members of the etsy community!


  1. Congratulations - how wonderful to have such success this past year! I hope this year turns out to be even better!! :)

  2. Congratulation, what a milestone!