Thursday, July 12, 2007

PMC stands for precious metal clay!

Recently I got my PMC starter kit in the mail. First I guess I should talk about what PMC is. It stands for precious metal clay. It's a clay that is just like any other clay you shape it and dry it then fire it.. Only thing is when you fire it it doesn't come out as ceramic it comes out at SILVER! It is also made in 22 kt gold I believe. How does this happen? Im not totally sure on the process but it's something like this. The clay is made from liquids and other binders with sterling silver particles. When fired all those things are lost and what is left is pure silver or gold. There is a tiny bit of shrinkage but not much to balk about. Im able to make jewelry in many shapes and even use impressions of molds or stamps. Very interesting stuff to work with. Last night I made my first item. I made a freeform disc with a floral like pattern on it. It antiqued or oxodized it with a black patina and all the sudden you have this gorgeous piece of jewelry! Im looking forward to working more with it in the future. For now this piece and a few others are available on my site for purchase at

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