Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just Fabulous!

I was playing around with my supplies yesterday and starting making the most fabulous thing. I take a cable type chain (oval links) and wire wrap a bead on each link of the chain. The resulting piece looks like a beautiful cluster or a bunch of grapes depending on the shape of the beads. Simply fabulous! I made the first as a pendant. I used Sterling silver and very nice beads that were citrine, blue topaz and amethyst. They are all different sizes and wouldn't quite work for any other project so being the resourceful person that iam I came up with a use for them! The earrings are made from silver plated chain and these delightful seaglass type beads. They are all different shapes, some are frosted and some are polish finnishes. I really love them! Of course these and many other pieces are for sale on my website JuliaCatherine.etsy.com
New items added daily!

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