Monday, July 23, 2007

Mommy where does designer jewelry come from?

If you ever wanted to know how plain old metal becomes designer jewelry here is a little show for you. Well I didnt take a photo of the plain wire but here goes anyway. First I start out with 2 lengths of 8 guage sterling silver wire. I then heat and shape them to my desired shape. After doing this I let the metal cool and place it in a solution to take off the impurities that accumulate during heating. When thats over I placed the 2 shapes over each other in the desired position. Solder them together. Once again let the metal cool and soak in a solution for awhile.

After that I decided I did want to use that stone I had set aside. In this case I have a marquise shaped amethyst that is 1.47 carats in size. The two shapes together form a perfect marquise crevice to add this stone. The next step is to place the stone in the crevice and mark where I need to add prongs to set the stone into the pendant. Prongs are soldered on! We are almost there!

Lots of polished and filing later the pendant is ready to have the stone set into it. The stone is set and everything is polished once more.. This piece is ready for it's close up!

Hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoy bringing this to you! This piece is now available on etsy along with all my other designer creations! Thanks for looking! New items are listed daily at


  1. Very cool! I have never tried to make jewelry. You are very talented!

  2. Hi,
    with this site i come to know how metal is converted into metal jewellery.