Monday, January 26, 2009

Tuesday's Finds- V-Day Gifts for Friends and Family

I always like to get a little something special for special friends and family members. Just a little something to let them know your thinking of them. Here are a couple of my favorite finds for this occasion.

nuvonova's Pink Deco Doll - blank notebook

Love this one. 120 pages to draw, journal or doodle on. The cover is a drawing of a doll made entirely from shapes. Get some photo corners, i think this one would also make a great scrapbook. Measures 6x4 inches.

novonova also has many other sketchbooks in her shop.

Flameworks' Black Raspberry Vanilla Vegan Soap.

The best gifts in the world are the most luxurious. Flameworks soaps are so fragrant and lather amazingly. I have purchased from this shop on many occasions before for gifts, whoever your buying for, they will thank you. Simple as that. All of the scents in this shop are amazing, black raspberry vanilla is my absolute favorite though.

Just buy the whole shop, it's all awesome.

Jenngee's Coffee Corset
A stylish way to be Eco friendly. Friends don't let friends use ugly paper cuffs. Such a creative idea originated by Jenn. Just use and reuse, keep your hands protected and help the planet a little. (every little bit counts) This shop is also offering free shipping for a limited time. This shop make coffee corsets for anything them you could imagine. Check out this entire shop.

Thecupcakemint's Chocolate Covered Strawberry Vegan Cupcakes
OH MY GOSH. I just had to say it. How is it possible these look so delicious and are vegan too? Im not sure how thecupcakemint does it but they do. Share these with friends and family or better yet give one to your object of affection and tell him or her you made them, you know what they say about hearts and bellies, right? Maybe not a wise idea there actually, i could never make anything that pretty. Even better if you live within 25 miles of the seller, they will deliver for free. Located in NJ.

Just check out the whole shop for delicious gift ideas, and stop drooling.

I hope you all enjoyed today's finds!



  1. lulz @ "riends don't let friends use ugly paper cuffs."

    I went to her shop and added her to my favorites. I hope to purchase one of these beautiful coffee corsets!