Monday, January 5, 2009

January Blog Giveaway Kickoff

This month's contest is a 'Name that piece' contest. The pair of earrings below are the ones that need a name! They are faceted amazonite quartz roundels with cranberry czech glass flower accents atop each. The ball end headpins and earwires are both sterling silver and handmade by me. These earrings dangle 1 1/8 inch. I see lots of possibilities for names but im going to leave it up to you all.

It will go like this. Leave your name/title suggestions (up to 5 names) as a comment on this post along with your email address. On the 15th i will take all the entries and pick my favorite from the bunch. Those few will be posted to be voted on in the form of a poll right here on my blog. Readers of this blog, and your friends and family will have till January 26th to vote. Make sure you give them the link! Then i will take a tally of all the votes and the winner will be selected. Soon after i will post the winner right here on my blog. (PLEASE make sure you leave your email, etsy shop URL or Flickr URL so i may contact you!)

The winner will win the earrings they named, and free shipping on any other purchases they would like to make in my shop. (don't forget to sign up for my mailing list to the right so you can get discounts too!) The earrings will be posted using the winning title/name and the winner will also be given proper credit in the listing also. "proper credit" in this case also includes a link to your etsy shop right in my description. Here they are! Good luck everyone! If you have not already also make sure to join my mailing list to the right of my blog posts, this way you will be notified of these giveaways, coupons and sales before anyone else!


  1. SpringShoot


    Petal Pusher

    Bubble Blossom

    Celestial Bloom

    please contact me at:

  2. Kind of obvious but

    Fire and Ice

    Spicy Cool

    Cinnamon Sugar

    I may have to come back with more ideas. What a fun way to get a name for a new piece. They are just beautiful, too!

  3. Winter Blossom
    Azul Treasures
    Star-lit Sky
    Berry Passion
    Flower Fantasia

    *Funny, read Celetse's after I wrote mine. lol

  4. I like the Celestial names everyone else posted (thats my name haha) How about:
    Scarlett Stars

  5. Crantini
    Cranberry Frost
    Lake Ruby or Ruby Lake

  6. They're just lovely.

    Spring Frost

    I'll come back if I think of anymore.

  7. venus-star earrings

    venus-moon earrings

    Gwyneth Paltrowish earrings

    really super pretty pretty earrings

    lucky charm earrings

  8. frazzle dazzle, twi'night, twin'kling, con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. Here are a few I thought of

    Stars and Ice
    Summer Blue
    Red Wine

  10. oh. nice. i suggest these names:
    'morning dew on red'
    'rain for red'
    and my personal favorite
    'inspiration wendiwinn'

    thanks for a great giveaway.

  11. Ruby stars
    Ruby dew
    Shooting stars
    Balls and stars

    They are beautiful.

  12. Tropical Spice
    Glacial blossom
    Arctic Lily
    First Thaw

    from Licia :)

  13. Monet's Nympheas
    water lilies
    Water Garden
    Le Jardin de Monet (yah thats pretty)

  14. Amore
    Blu Stellina
    Swedish Dreams