Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stylish Storage Solutions!

If your like me, you are always limited with your space and looking to create more space. Especially with an 'attic room'. Slated ceilings etc. With the help of my mother I finally got around to building myself a book shelf. No longer will my books have to sit in a pile next to my bed! Now my lovely (new) terrarium also has a home too.

So first we took a trip to our local lowes store and purchased some 8x1 pine board. We looked for a board with as little knots and possible and as few blemishes as we could find. Then I selected some corner molding to create a ledge on my shelf. I wanted a ledge so that I could know any items I might place on my shelf will be secure (knick knacks, candle holders etc.) I also selected these lovely L brackets that have a bronzey scroll design on them instead of the ugly ones. Carefully chose my nails. I bought 1 inch brads to nail the ledge to the shelf, 1 inch finishing screws to screw the bracket to the shelf and 1 1/2 finishing nails to screw the shelf to the wall.

With the help of my mother the boards were cut and the edges of the ledge were mitered. I just love mitered corners!! I matched up the corners and glued the ledge down using wood glue, clamped them down and waited 30 minutes before nailing the brads into the ledge. Then I used a bit of 'plastic wood' to fill in any screw ups I made :/ After letting that dry for another 20 minutes I got my handy dandy sanding block out and sanded down any rough edges through the whole shelf, even rounded off some corners. I gave the entire shelf a good dusting and then stained it using a walnut stain we had left over from another project(use plastic gloves while staining). I only did one coat yesterday and let the shelf dry till this afternoon.

I attached the fancy brackets to the shelf and then the shelf to the wall using a level of course. And now im lovely shelf is complete :) The entire project cost me about $29 and that is enough wood and screws for another shelf.



  1. Good job! I have been meaning to build a shelf since I moved in to my house...3 years ago...hehe Hopefully soon :)

  2. That looks great! I saw your blog on the etsy thread. Love your shop and your blog!

  3. A great shelf! Doesn't it make you feel good to know you made it yourself? Love it!