Thursday, February 5, 2009

February Contest

This month's contest is to solve the riddle related to an item in My Shop.
The riddle to solve is:

"In the section for your ear
You will surely be near,

Find the studs that are pink

And you've got the right link!"

How do you win? What do you win?
Just shoot me an email to Use the subject "Blog Contest" in the subject line and copy and paste the link or the name of the item that the riddle is referencing.

If there is more than one person who submits an answer they will be submitted to a raffle to win my 'Floating Heart Earrings"! Now remember that as always the winner will also be extended the offer of free shipping on any shopping in My Shop. As well as 15% off coupon for any other shopping they would like to do.

Mailing list members have already gotten a head start! Make sure you join so next time you can too.

Good luck everyone! Answers will be accepted up till February 15th, all correct answers will be put into a raffle and drawn on the 16th.

Julia Catherine

p.s. Comments have been disabled for this post so answers aren't mistakenly left as posts.

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