Monday, June 25, 2007

Newest stuff...

So the newest things that Iam listing on are my simple but lovely gemstone necklaces. I have always made them in all different kinds of gems but the ones im currently listing are my Red Jasper and Jade Necklaces. These gemstones have metaphysical meanings to them. Metaphysical meanings of Red Jasper
Known to protect against hazards of the night.
Lucky stone for Actors.
Eases emotional stress.
Brings Courage.
All colors of Jasper will help balance the vibrations of the body.
Red Jasper helps with the sense of smell. It also promotes physical energy.

Attracts Love, Protective Stone, Brings Money

Whether you believe in metaphysical or not, they are really nice necklaces that will look fabulous on you all year round!

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  1. I love your work! I'll add you to my friends list!

    ;) good luck!