Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Etsy Front Page!

Yesterday evening I stumbled upon a very welcomed surprise. I have been in about 4 treasuries this past week. 3 of them were with my limited edition peppermint earrings and the 4th one was my pair of cream patterned earrings on kidney wires in a treasury by MaryMary called "great gift ideas!" It was very exciting and I was able to get a screen shot of this special ocassion! That pair of earrings managed to accumulate over 300 views in the short time the front page was up and my shop JuliaCatherine.etsy.com had 19 users add it to their favorites. It sure was an exciting evening!


  1. How exciting!! Definitely shout it from the rooftops. ;)


  2. wow - that's great! congratulations! just goes to show the exposure that one can get...