Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Gifts for your childs KEEP teacher, YMCA counselor or other daycare.

For the people who have the job of taking care of your children all year round. The YMCA counselors, KEEP teachers and other daytime caregivers/ babysitters. There are a ton of items that they would love from JuliaCatherine.etsy.com but you can understand most of these items may not be child friendly.

These are people you may not chat with alot but want to get them something nice. Do they wear earrings? If so I would like to suggest the leafy bits earrings. They dangle a modest 1 inch, and are very petite otherwise. These are probably best for caregivers of school age children.

For caregivers of younger children a bracelet may be a better idea for worktime. This gorgeous bracelet made with round faceted brown and red glass beads is gorgeous and doesnt have alot of charms or any things that could risk hurting baby.

Of course you don't need to buy her something she can wear to work. Caregivers have lives outside of caring for our children. Im sure you could find many other things from JuliaCatherine.etsy.com that would be sure to please! And when in doubt JuliaCatherine.etsy.com has Gift certificates! Just shoot me an email at JuliaCatherineJewelry@gmail.com if you would like a denomination that is not listed. Useable on any items in my shop and NO expiration date.

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