Friday, September 12, 2008

There Baaack! Acorn Earrings 08 Edition!

Just as promised the fall Acorn Earrings are back! This years edition is a bit larger and different from last years. They feature a 12mm faceted smoky glass bead that is capped with an antiqued brass acorn top cap. For a finishing touch i added a vintage swarovski bead in a golden citrine color. The earwires and headpins are sterling silver and are of course handmade by me. The headpins and earwires have also been oxidized to bring together the two metals. These earrings are $18 and are only available at for a limited time! Perfect with my favorite fall basic- brown! Brown is my new black.
Julia Catherine

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Items!

September 10th. Summer is nearly gone and fall is quickly approaching! Before I know it, its going to be time to go apple picking and make a huge vat of applesauce and 2,000 apple pies!

I have created a special necklace especially for fall this year. The fall leaf necklace. I have taken a vintage brass leaf stamping and refurbished it just like new. Brass is an amazing metal composed mainly of copper so now it shows that warm brass color. The chain is sterling silver and is connected using sterling silver rings which are soldered closed for security. The chain has been oxidized and sanded in spots to create contrast.

The second new creation for fall is the filigree bowl ring. This piece is also created from brass and sterling. I have taken a piece of vintage filigree, carefully formed it into a bowl shape. I forged a sterling silver ring for the band. I used the same band as my thicker stackable band rings. Then carefully joined the two pieces to create this statement piece. Both have been polished to a bright shine! Also available in oxidized finish as well. Each of these rings is handmade each time it is ordered. So that means, whatever size you need is possible!

For those who loved them last year or missed them last year. The fall acorn earrings will be making a comeback very soon. I am also working on a new incarnation of holiday earrings for the upcoming season.

More new items to take a look at. Large Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings- Available in any size, just contact me. 7mm Hammered Sterling Silver Band- Made to order in any size. The Apple Green Drop Earrings-Have also become a staple in my shop, now with sterling silver and available all year round!

Thanks so much for coming back and reading, hope to see you soon!
Julia Catherine


So it's been awhile! I had been blogging fairly regularly then in may i had broke my foot and things like blogging fell by the wayside. During that time i was still filling orders a couple days a week. Instead of my normal 2-3 day turn around, i was at about a week. Thank you so much for the support of my family, friends and customers during this time! So now im back and better than i ever was! I have been creating lots of new things and looking forward to the holiday season.
xoxo Julia Catherine